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  • greetings from Penn State

    Greetings to my fellow security professionals. My name is Chris and I am a current student at Penn State University. I began working in the private security industry the summer after I graduated from college. I have been fortunate enough to have (and in some cases had) employment with AlliedBarton, Triple A/Vector Security Patrol, Intrepid Detective Agency, St Moritz, and Wackenhut over the past few years. My current degree is in Kinesiology and originally wanted to get into athletic training. After interning in the event office for Intercollegiate Athletics (@PSU) and my work experience in security I decided I want to pursue a career in security for major athletic events/venues. When I'm down at PSU I am looking to pursue a degree in criminal justice at East Stroudbsurg University Of Pennsylvania.

    I am very impressed with the knowledge that the forum members bring to the discussions here and looking forward to expanding my knowledge of the industry through all of you!

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    Welcome. I often get to the Penn State area and the Stroudsburg area.
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      Welcome Chris, you'll enjoy it here.
      Enjoy the day,


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        Welcome Chris . They have lot great minds here feel free ask anything. We all love help one another.
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        oh ya


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          Hello Chris, and welcome aboard to the forum.

          Sounds like you already have a good background in the security business, so you are probably ready to start making posts and even to start a few threads.

          So hopefully we will see some of your thoughts here soon.


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            Welcome. It's always encouraging to see well educated individuals choosing the security field. This can only help our industry and its reputation.
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              welcome, seems like you have lots of experience. I look forward to reading your posts.
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              Its not how we lived that counts....
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                Hello! Welcome aboard.

                Be Safe,

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