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  • Another L.A. newbee

    I've been in security for over twenty years and have worked all kinds of post. IM a Graduate of Executive Security International, as well as compleated training with the Executive Protection Institute. I've compleated over 340 hours of POST certified training at Rio Hondo Police Acadamy and over 300 hours of state security training with ROP. I've also compleated a few courses with TFTT (VIP Protection,combat handgun 1,2, combat medic,overseas operator,defensive blade,combat shotgun and two combat arts seminars. IM currently working as an armed S/O not my dream job but IM looking for a home. It's tuff most guard companies have no place for professionals though they talk the talk. Lot's of cons/phonies out here playing security professionals. Glad to be with people that I can relate to "Hi all"

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    Yes it is nice where people treat you as a professionals. Not a want be or a rent cop . Becasue you do your job well and don't want bear limit of skills just get by.

    oh ya


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      Hello ESI AGENT, welcome aboard.

      I'm a recently retired California police officer, who is getting back into the security business after being out of it for more then two decades. In your introduction, I see you have taken some training at a P.O.S.T. certified police academy, but I notice that the number of hours is not enough to have completed the academy. So I am wondering what training it was, and if the academy offers classes to people on a class by class basis. If you could expound on that, I would appreciate it.

      Anyway, read and post often, providing helpful insight to others who may not have your experience.


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        Isn't the PC 832 class just 40 hours?
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          ESI, you've been there and done that. Welcome to the forum. Jump in and enjoy.
          Enjoy the day,


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            yes the PC832 class is 40. Their are also lots of other training blocks that I attended. At the time I attended these classes including: Hostage negotiations I worked for a counsulate so that opened doors. I also attended and graduated from a state forensics acadamy. Now for what I want I need to go to either a university/collage or a more specialized training such as ESI or TFTT that is a very high speed. You can check them out on their site: TFTT. IM taking their close quarter pistol course next month. Remember Police training teaches police tactics. Police officers are not security experts they do have knowledge that is helpful and often times you have security officers doing police work under the title of security but know your mission. One of the biggest issues Police have with security is "role conflict" know what your job is. Theirs nothing wrong being a security officer it's an important job unfortunitly it's the type of untrained or want to be conduct that makes us look bad. Do your job and understand that we are hired to protect our client! not the community.


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              Glad to have another Southern Californian on the board. Welcome.

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                welcome aboard ESI.

                Be Safe,

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                  welcome, grab a shovel start mucking there are many thread to dig through.
                  Its not how we die that counts.....
                  Its not how we lived that counts....
                  all that matters is how we saved that one life that one time by being in the right place at the right time....


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                    Hi ESI and welcome to the site from us aussies.

                    Yes you are right about most companies not having room for someone who speaks English and has extensive training as most ex police officers move into security believing their 10 years will give them a higher income only to be told - you earn the same as the bloke who has 6 weeks experience. Many companies rip their staff off severely promising the world and delivering nothing. Welcome aboard and and be sure to join in with the posts.
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                      Ok, lets put some perspective here.

                      You are a former career patrol police officer with 15 years experience. You have a ton of certifications. You decide to enter the private sector after retirement. Lets say its medical.

                      You apply to a security company. The security company provides guards who:

                      - Maintain a visible presence to deter disorder or crime.
                      - Observe violations of rule, law, or code.
                      - Report said violations to the client.
                      - Inform, in a non-confrontational manner, violators of the rules and ask for compliance.
                      - Patrol periodically to look for violations and maintain the deterrent presence.
                      - Provide excellent customer service as an helpful ambassador of the client.

                      So, with that in mind, why would a company pay more money for a retired cop, when a college kid can do the above job description just as well?

                      Stand there. Look at things. Write down what you see. Ask people to do things. Answer questions. Call 911.

                      A retired cop's skill set is not needed to do these things. A person with one year in retail sales can do the above just as effectively.

                      And this is what companies want: The job being simple enough that a person with 1 year of experience in customer service, if any experience, can perform the job effectively.
                      Some Kind of Commando Leader

                      "Every time I see another crazy Florida post, I'm glad I don't work there." ~ Minneapolis Security on Florida Security Law