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Just curious about career potential.

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  • Just curious about career potential.

    Well new to security industry!!! Figured it would be temporary, but hate to admit that I really enjoy this line of work . I enjoy the aspect of protecting and helping people without the risks involved in police work. Something I debated doing years ago. Just curious what kind of income cap this line of work has on it? Any input is welcome. Located in the southeastern US.

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    Hmm the cap limit in security depends on what area you geting in to. Body guard LP R/O armed could be 20k a year to 45 k a year or more if land right job. I wish you best of luck.

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      Depends on what level you with to go into - there is a shortage of risk managers in this industry and not people who have bought a company and call themselves a risk manager. Insurance work, safety - you name it - Most of the RM's I have worked with were on $100k+ US but you need a specialty and a degree or say 30 years in a field of experience helps alot. But with specialist training (ie. certs and assoc. diplomas) you can get damn close to it.

      The $$$ in CPP were incredible during the Y2K crisis - as a consequence of 9/11 (very sad) many companies cannot get insurance to move execs around in hotspots so they go with CPP teams who are running dirt cheap deals to get the contracts but most of these just add those 3 letters to their credentials without so much as reading a book.
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        As far as taking the risks some LEOs have, some of us do I am sure. If I am not mistaken, more private security officers are injured or killed on duty than police officers anually. I am sure that can be researched quite easily and quickly. And as stated, there are a lot of avenues one can take. Some times, you have to do the crappy details before you get the good ones ( generally more money).

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          Originally posted by Hank1 View Post
          Some times, you have to do the crappy details before you get the good ones ( generally more money).
          Quoted for truth!

          I worked (for what felt like ages) many of those remote, cold & crappy static sites before I was assigned to this current post... gotta' take the good with the bad!

          BTW welcome to the forums rentalcop!
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