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Greetings from the frozen Northeast!

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  • Greetings from the frozen Northeast!

    Hello all!
    My name is Don, and I found this site after googling professional security discussion forums; I am a Security Officer for a Company that provides services to the Hospitality Industry, currently posted at a major ski resort here in Vermont covering patrols of the baselodges and rental units, as well as responding to calls concerning noise complaints, fights, thefts, etc., and planning on taking my CPO exam soon...

    I'm also a member of the National Guard as an M1 tank crewman since 1998, my unit is currently serving in Iraq without me (the army saw fit to declare me as Type II diabetic meaning no going with them, even though my civilian doctor says otherwise..)

    I'm 41, Married to a wonderful Wife with two teenage children, and although I take my job seriously, I try not to take it too seriously, hence my screenname

    I hope to contribute to discussions here in the future and look forward to learning from my fellow Security Professionals.
    “Two wrongs don't make a right, but three rights make a left”
    "I swear to God, I'm going to pistol whip the next guy that says 'Shenanigans' "... Capt. O'Hagan, "Super Troopers"

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    Welcome to the forum. You can take advantage of your military training and skills and apply them to the world of security.
    There may be schools the ARNG will be willing to send you to that may include the Physical Security School at Ft Wood. That you can apply in your business and get to the top of the heap.
    Enjoy the day,


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      DAMN, ANOTHER TANKER!!!!!!!!!

      Just ribbing you flashlight, I was 11B, and 95B (I think that's 31B now days) for eight years. Best time of my life. Good to have you aboard. I think EMTGuard was a Tanker too.

      There's a very good story about a diabetic Soldier in one of this months ARMY TIMES, I'll send it to ya if your interested.

      If I could pick any post I wanted to work, it would be a Ski lodge. Love them ski bunnies!!!