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Greetings from California

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  • Greetings from California

    I wanted to introduce myself. I am a deputy sheriff who is currently assigned to the field services division. I have been in law enforcement for over 12 years, thirteen if you count the police academy. I have also worked mall security (a thankless job), and loss prevention (a job I loved and miss at times).

    I am currently assigned to patrol and provide security/law enforcment services to the our county health department's properties. Our station is located on the main campus, which is the size of an average community college campus. I answer calls for service that range from a patient causing a distrubance to a man with a weapon call. My job is a cross between a small town cop and a hosptial security officer.

    I have been searching the different forums since I was injured on duty. It's been almost two months and I am waiting to find out if I need surgery or not. I was injured over a difference of opinon. I thought a very large subject should go to jail, he thought he shouldn't. Long story short, after six additional officers and alot of pepper spray, he went to jail. I ended up with a torn rotator cuff and plenty of time on my hands.

    Anyway, I've carried on way two much on this post. I look forward to getting to know the fine professionals that post on this forum.

    Stay Safe.

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    Welcome to the forum J. I hope you get well soon!

    Be safe,

    " We are determined that before the sun sets on this terrible struggle, our flag will be recognized throughout the world as a symbol of freedom on one hand and of overwhelming force on the other" - General George C. Marshall


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      Welcome to our little group lots good people with share minds.

      oh ya


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        little groups make me nervous, evil plots! terror! naw joking! welcome the forums are what you make it, i look forward to your postings!
        Its not how we die that counts.....
        Its not how we lived that counts....
        all that matters is how we saved that one life that one time by being in the right place at the right time....


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          Yes plot plot scheme scheme.... oh wait... the boss is coming...must act good. Welcome to the site.
          "You gotta look like Rico Suave, Think like Einstein and, only if that fails...fight like Tyson." -Dougo83's FTO

          Me- "Should we call the police?" My FTO- "Justin, here, we are the police. Go get em."

          Originally posted by Black Caesar
          some people just need killin!!!!! (Or Tasing, or pepper spraying or whatever).