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    Hello All! I came across this website by seeing a link on MSN. This is great, right up my alley! I added this site to my Favorites. I have approximately 7.5 years of Security experience. I just ended a job doing casino security for 5 and a half years! Before that I was doing private contract security jobs, working in places like, factories, new car dealerships, corporate office buildings, banks, shopping malls...stuff like that. I am going to re-enter the contract security realm. I am CPR & AED Certified. My question is...are there businesses, agencies, schools that offer DAAT training? I am in Milwaukee, WI, and am striking out finding places or people that offer DAAT training to security personnel. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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    Originally posted by wisconsinite
    .... I am going to re-enter the contract security realm....
    You have my sympathy. Welcome.
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      I have not seen a private instructor that offers WI DAAT training. My plan, actually, involves going with a Police DT instructor in Missouri. Mainly because he's a great guy. (He runs Because private security doesn't require DAAT training, I see no reason to REQUIRE WI DAAT training.

      You could, of course, go to a Tech College, and take the AAS in Criminal Justice, then in year 2, do DAAT...
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        Hello fellow Wisconsinite.

        I'm also from the Milwaukee area.
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          dang cheeseheads are multiplying lol...although I did live in WI for a little bit it was at least on the WI/MI UP Border and could still claim being a Michigander. Any of yall been up to the northwoods recently?


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            Hello and welcome from the other side of the lake.