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  • Hello all

    Just like to introduce myself, I have over 10 years at the federal, state, local, and PI fields in law enforcement. I am currently working in hotel security to gain insight into this part of the industry. I hope I can learn and share with the other members.

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    Welcome. I saw an opening recently for a Security Chief at a hotel on Maui. I could picture myself there.
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      Welcome again! (I answered some of your latter posts first).

      I thini I might know a thing or two about Hotel Security as I have been doing it for 30 years!

      My title is Assistant Director for 3 hotels. A downtown 488 room one & 2 side-by-side out near the airport of 287 & 222 rooms. The Director works out of head office & has other duties besides the hotels which leaves most of the day-to-day management to me.

      Due to cut backs I also cover one of the 8 hours shifts as a regular Officer at the downtown hotel.

      As mentioned above I've been doing this for 30 years (25+ at the downtown hotel) yet still svery week I learn new things & new ways of doing old things. There are a lot of people on this site that know a lot of things & especially have a lot of opinions Read some of the old posts, you are sure to learn something. And feel free to ask questions.

      BTW are you in-house or contract & is your hotel run by one of the chains, an idependant or francisee of one of the chains? My downtown hotel & 1 of the airport ones are francisees of a big chain & the other another big chain, yet we follow the directives of our management company which presently owns 5 hotels.
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        Hotel Security

        I work in-house. The hotel is independently owned (Radisson) yet, is overseen
        by the Carlson Group.

        I work under the FOM, and that creates its own set of problems. It is strictly an unarmed position with O&R policy.

        I am located in a tourist vacation town, and the general attitude here seems to be very lackadaisical as far as security goes. There are under the impression that "it could never happen to us".

        After my federal and state law enforcement experience, this strikes me as ridiculous! ...Oh we have security, but he can't intervene or protect you, that is, if he is done with picking up night trays.

        I have been professional trained in psychological profiling and body language and can usual spot potential trouble, so at least I can be close when I need to call the locals in.


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          People can trip & fall over room service trays left in the corridor si this is seen as a safety (security) hazard so we do move them. We don't have to bring them downstairs, just move them to a safer place & call Room Service to pick them up.

          Being Canadian we are unarmed too but this is almost ALL Private Security in Canada except armoured car people. I carry handcuffs & am allowed to carry a baton but since I wear a suit & not a uniform I have a few of them in stratigic places in the hotel but do not carry one.
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          I enforce rules and regulations, not laws.
          Security Officers. The 1st First Responders.


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            Welcome. Read all the posts there is a fountain of knowledge. Some argot but mostly plain language.
            Enjoy the day,


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              Welcome, the more the merrier!
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                Originally posted by SP1 View Post
                I work in-house.
                When I started in jotel security in 1977 in Montreal 99% of the hotels that had security were in-house. (The last days of the House Detective), Today in Montreal 90% of hotel security is contract. There are even more that don't have it 24 hours a day.
                I enforce rules and regulations, not laws.
                Security Officers. The 1st First Responders.


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                  Welcome Aboard.


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                    Welcome Glad your here.


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                      Welcome aboard to the forum.


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                        HELLO and WELCOME!

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                          Welcome to you. The more information we share the better we can do our jobs. Stay safe.
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