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    I work in critical infrastructure security, have worked in other areas of security, and found these forums while researching some upcoming changes at work. What I've read from the forums so far seem interesting and informative.

    I am curious if anyone else here has worked labor dispute, strike, or critical infrastructure security. I am interested in seeing how the experience of other S/O's match up with mine.

    I am also interested in the differences between the "detect, deter, observe, report" security template and physical security, the gray areas, and how S/O's in each role perceive their roles.

    For now though, I'll just say HI!
    formerly C&A

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    Welcome from Montreal!

    3 years ago my downtown hotel workers were locked out for 101 days. The 1st few days we occupied video taping the picketers in order to gather evidence to get an injunction. Hotels are interesting places in strikes & lock outs in that it is hard to keep allies of the strikers out of the hotel, they rent rooms to keep an eye on what management is doing. (Quebec has very strict labour laws contolling the use of scabs).

    15 years ago the unionized staff of the same hotel were all let go when the management company declared bancrupcy (sp?). The owner gave the contract to manage the hotel to another company the next day & the hotel continued to perate as though nothing had happened except the unionized employees were hired back individually by the new company. Trouble makers or ones with long service & therefore more benefits, were not hired back. The unionized people picketed outside the hotel for 3 1/2 years!!!!!
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      Thanks for the welcome. Been working allot of overtime lately so not much time to post anything.

      Something many striking union workers don't realize is that their chance of being "rehired" dies once they get on the list of troublemakers during the strike.
      formerly C&A