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  • What I miss?

    Gesh have I been away too long, 2021 already!? Seems its all still here but alas a few others are not.
    My views, opinions and statements are my own. They are not of my company, affiliates or coworkers.

    -Being bagger at Publix has more respect these days

    -It's just a job kid deal with it

    -The industry needs to do one of two things; stop fiddling with the thin line and go forward or go back to that way it was. A flashlight in one hand and your set of keys in the other

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    Welcome back. We've lost some due to mortality, others have retired or switched careers. We had a couple of nasty trolls that no doubt drove some away, but we finally got rid of them.

    I've posted a lot of Seattle stuff because our "progressive" city council is busy dismantling the police and criminal justice system, and it is definitely having a a large negative impact on security. The pay has gone up, but the stress and danger have gone up much more.


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      Which ones died?


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        We lost Nate Corbier in 2016 - never knew him personally, but I miss him. I'm drawing a blank on others; Hotel Security is still around but posts infrequently.

        The Troll War of 2017-18 probably drove a few away. Squid, Lunch Meat and Ingio Montaya were given plenty of chances before the Ban Hammer fell. (There are others, but I've thankfully forgotten their names.)


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          Too bad those guys kept the place alive and lively.


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            To a point, Tom. It was amusing at first, but it got very nasty and very personal at the end, and definitely violated forum policy. Some people just don't get the hint.

            We all make mistakes on the internet, myself included, but a gentle reminder is all it has ever taken for me to apologize and take it down a notch. So many of them just kept rolling on, each post more offensive than the last. I'm sure they're all having a blast on 4chan and reddit...or maybe they grew up and became productive adults. Here's hoping...


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              They NEVER grew up...