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Greetings from DE (Delaware, not Germany)

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  • Greetings from DE (Delaware, not Germany)

    I'm looking to get back in security to pick up some hours while I do my other job as an independent contractor (mostly real estate, but some photography work also) Due to committee meetings once a month working during the day at a "real job"is not that feasible for me.

    I worked inhouse & contract security back in the 80's & 90's, inhouse was for a company called Jamesway (small company that was a precursor to walmarts), contract for was for small mom n pop companies down here in DE & on Long island NY.
    About 10 yrs ago now I worked for a local hospital as inhouse security while I was taking my RE classes, that was a charlie foxtrot for the 3 months I was there.

    I also served in the army in desert shield/desert storm.

    For hobbies, I do genealogical research, ham radio (CERT, ARES, RACES, Stormwatch, getting into MARS), paintball, reenactment in both SCA & SASS, 1940s lifestyle, photography - aerial & nature/wildlife, computer repair & some website design. Being owned by several cats. Also a few games, online & offline.

    I've done other jobs in my 30 plus years but I enjoyed during security work, its always interesting.
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    Welcome... is your name, YOUR name, or a reference to Winters from the 101st from WWII?

    I'm Phantom. Hospital security. Level one trauma and education hospital.


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      No, I was thinking about it yesterday actually. I probably was watching Capt America or something on TV & just made it up, although it is a slight nod to both my granddads, my fathers & my military service. My GDad served in Korea during the winter, was a sgt. My dad was a tech sgt in the military in Nam, I was in DS/DS & was a spec, almost sgt when I got out.
      So.. Sgts & its winter, my favorite season.

      And I try to not use same "names" on all the different social medias, so I needed a new name for here.

      And hello Phantom, I've seen quite a few of your posts on here. Is level one the highest a hospital can get, I forget. I worked as security for a couple months at a hospital here that dealt with a lot of the resort traumas (car accidents, surf injuries, head trauma from diving into unknown waters, etc) which also has a nursing school attached to it but they try to not call it a training hospital. Guess it turns off the tourists from DC & BMore. :-/
      One of the hospitals upstate is the "training" hospital, opps medical centers. FYI, I'm old school so while they call them medical centers now I still call them hospitals. LOL

      Obviously I'm no spring chicken & have a bit of free time, LOL