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  • hello

    hello there, this is my first post and would like to introduce myself.

    i am 60 years old and want to get back into the work force after retiring in 2005.

    retired firefighter(25) and retired military (20 years 8 months )

    all my certifications have expired, just have a dl that is current.

    i was arrested twice for simple battery, in 1980 and in 2007, nothing to do with domestic violence.

    wanting to give security a go for a couple of years till i draw my SS pension, you think i will have a snow balls chance in hell to get hired anywhere?

    thanks for having me

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    sorry guys, wrong place to post this. i did look for a new intro as yall can tell, computers and my writing skills need work.

    please will a mod relocate my post....


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      Possibly. It depends upon what state you are in, since all have different regulations for contract security (which is where you might have to start). The 1980 incident is probably old enough to not matter; the 2007 incident may be a sticking point (especially if it was a conviction, which will pop up in even the most basic backround check).

      If companies need manpower, I've seen exceptions made if everything else is good. Definitely make sure you can use Word, Outlook and Excel, which seems to be a basic requirement now for even entry level positions. Don't pay for the training - you can get it free online or through worker retraining programs in your state.

      If you don't have a smart phone (I don't) you may have to learn to use one for certain sites - pretty easy. Good luck.


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        In Florida, a misdemeanor conviction won't disqualify you from obtaining an unarmed D security license.
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          Welcome aboard and best of luck getting back in the game...


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            Hello everyone, I am newbie here.