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G'day from Darwin Australia

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  • G'day from Darwin Australia

    g'day everyone,
    I am a security officer (by Title) at the local hospital here in Darwin Northern Territory (Croc Dundee country).
    In my job (like many others) is a broad scope of jobs rolled into one. We cover an total area of about 120 acres and 60 odd buidlings. We have a total of 2 officers per 8 hour shift. Our jobs entail everything from access control, incident response, patrolling, key systems, etc.
    Primarilly who I stubbled on this site was to gather information which I could relate to my work area and hopefully implement some of those intitiatives into our workplace. So far though the news and the forums I have found a wealth of information and now can also see that My workplace is not the only place with simular predicuments.
    Our role incudes reception, incident controller, mediator, patient care assistant, nurse/doctor assistant, maintenance person just for starters.

    At Work here, security officers only tools are a radio, pager and a set of keys. Unlike some of you. But our best weapon like most of yours is our mouth and in most cases here that saves the bacon for all parties, with us being the mediator.
    It has been great to find a site dedicated to security, not only my area, healthcare, but all areas of security. to see not only healthcare but all issues in our profession.

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    G'day mate!
    Join the crowd from "down under." The forum is what its members make of it.
    If you have not already so, please read all that has been written thus far.
    Enjoy the day,


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      Welcome, Squidly!

      Wonder if you'd care to comment on the training and licensing requirements for security officers in your neck of the woods? Here in the States, they're quite variable from one state to the next (and in some cases, one municipality to the next).
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        G'ady Bill where in OZ are you and what area of security are you?
        Sectrainer I have posted our training in the training thread.

        It is going to take a while to chew through all the threads but I am working on it!! All has been great so far and a lot relevant and can relate to in my job!!