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Trained, but still without a card???

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  • Trained, but still without a card???

    Hello All,
    I just came into the security biz, mostly as a 2nd job. I live in Orange County, CA and the classifieds show work is plentiful here. Saw a few starting salaries, and there was a vast difference in between the "No Guard Card Necessary, We'll Train You!" and "Must Have Guard Card"'s pay.

    I didn't want to hear "no security experience and no guard card... Huh... how's $8.00/hr sound?". I decided to pay for my own training with firearm, OC, First Aid/CPR certs (in for about $700).

    Seems to have paid off. I haven't even been approved by the state (it's only taken them 3+ weeks so far!) and I've had 2 offers already! Best is Patrol One, who offered $14/hr for Rover with lots of OT available.
    Let you all know how that works out.

    I've been hovering around here for a little while, and a lot of good info flowing around! I'll see you all in the forums!
    And If (or should I say when) I offend, let me apologize now.

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    I was approved!
    A couple/few more weeks for the firearm permit and I'll be on the road!



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      Good going!!


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        Congratulations on being "Armed and dangerous." (Based on the movie)
        Security: Freedom from fear; danger; safe; a feeling of well-being. (Webster's)


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          Congrats. I have found that it is something of a crap shoot as to how long BSIS takes to process permits. My first one took 8 months, but way back then you could work on a temporary slip until you were approved or denied.
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            The BSIS is a scene... 8 months for paperwork to be processed?

            While you cannot do it if your filing for a firearm permit, applying through the website is supposed to really speed things up.
            I guess they want to slow down the Armed and Dangerous crowd.

            Hopefully by the time I need to renew, they will open it up to everybody!

            Thanks guys!


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              BSIS used to to say it would take 6 weeks and get it to you in half the time now the say up to 3 months and it can take 6 or more months.