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    I found this site in through Security Dealer magazine. I've been a member here for awhile and have not introduced myself. I am co-owner and VP of a company that manufactures surveillance and communications equipment for LE, military, homeland securty. I have been in the security industry for 15 years. From security guard at convention center and other city properties to designing and installing security equipment to buying half of the company. I obviously have no life, that's how I could afford to buy half the company. We are currently doing work along the U.S. Mexico border without getting into too much detail. There are quite a few persons on this forum that I would love to have back me up when I am down there. (Too many drug runners, people runners, etc. that are WELL armed.) We are not currently doing guard work contracting due to the overwhelming demand for our systems, but do keep up with the registrations and so forth. The professionalism and integrity of the people on this site is uplifting and informative.
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    Ok, I gotta ask. How did you find the forum? Was it through one of the Cygnus Security Group publications, or through a search engine, or through

    I am interested in knowing how many people find us through Security Dealer Magazine. Which reminds me, I need to suspend my subscription till I move.
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      I found this website through our Corporate Security intranet page. It was listed as a link for "interesting reading".
      I must say, I visit almost everyday for my dose of "interesting reading".
      Keep up the good work forum members.