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Greetings from the UK

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  • Greetings from the UK

    My name is Steve Dean and I am located in the county of Kent on the South East coast of England.

    I am a retired Metropolitan (London) Police Officer having completed my 30 years service. I now run a small security operation in the London area concentrating on K9 patrol.

    I was a police K9 officer / trainer hence my foray into this specialist security field. I am particularly interested in communicating with fellow K9 officers within the industry and I'm currently looking for information on anything to do with the K9 aspect of the US security profession for my website

    I look forward to making some new friends and contacts and to learning some interesting facts about the private security world.

    Regards to all


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    From one retired cop to another, welcome.


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      Welcome "Bobbie."
      Security: Freedom from fear; danger; safe; a feeling of well-being. (Webster's)


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        Welcome. London Metropolitan Police was the originator of the Police Patrol Dog, then it came to DC Metropolitan Police and the USAF.
        Before that we had the Sentry Dog who was taught to hang on until choked off.
        I still remember the days of temporary duty (TDY) at the SAC bombers stationed at Air Bases in England. Bloody good time.
        Enjoy the day and again, welcom aboard,


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          Welcome, ukk9.
          We're glad to have a K-9 handler on the forums -- though you may be the first in the group who has K-9 experience. Please stick around. Consider posting in "Security Operations & Management" (a forum for management level security directors for corporation and businesses) about trends of how K-9 security programs are being used for corporate/private security. I've heard a lot about K-9 teams rolling out to casino and hospitality properties (talked to another guy in FL who was doing similar for cruise ships, but he has not joined the forums). I'd also love to hear your thoughts on K-9 vs. electronic detection systems.

          Geoff (site admin)