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  • Hi from sunny Central Florida

    Hi everybody, my name is Aldo and I am the General Manager of 1-Step Technology LLC located in Eustis, FL. We are a growing company that partnered with a large international software development company to market and service their line of products in USA, Canada and Mexico.

    Our flagship product is a Billing, Inventory Control and Point of Sale solution. We target small and middle-sized business where, bottom line, securing assets and billing are a must. I like to brag that our personalized customer service and support made us gaining a lot of new clients and partners during the last year.

    On the personal side, I have 25+ years in the computer field (yeah a mainframer!) that was lucky enough to go through all the changes in the technology. We used to be called nerdy programmers but today they are called software engineers! That is progress, isn’t it?

    I started my programming career right after college at BK (the burgers place) in Miami and then move to Racal, maybe you remember the old Racal modems before Hayes became famous. In the latter, after earning my MBA, I started breaking into consulting and real management. Before joining 1-Step Technology, I was Director of Project Management for the company that developed the sign and label system for Best Buy and Office Depot.

    My wife and I based the decision to join 1-Step Technology on two key factors. First of all, it was a great opportunity, more challenging and rewarding, and I needed to move on after so many years boxed. Secondly, to move out of Minnesota to the Sunshine State. Which one do you think had more weight?

    Well enough about me, let hear from other members.


    Aldo Asseo

    Para a comunidad hispana:
    StockBase POS ayuda a crear un negocio estable, rentable de por vida y sobre todo, generar mejores ganancias, disminuyendo el esfuerzo humano y evitando pérdidas de tiempo en aquellas pesadas tareas como la administración de inventarios, clientes, proveedores, cajeros y ventas, de manera ordenada y eficaz.

    Para mantener la ventaja competitiva y generar mejores resultados, los comerciantes necesitan un Sistema de Punto de Venta que les permita brindar un mejor servicio a sus clientes y mantener un correcto control sobre los procesos de negocio. Software de Gestion Comercial, Facturacion y Stock, Punto de Venta, Cuentas Corrientes.
    Aldo Asseo
    General Manager

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    Are you a polite spammer or will you be contributing to a forum made up mostly of physical security people, not computer people?
    I enforce rules and regulations, not laws.
    Security Officers. The 1st First Responders.