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    Hey guys, first time long time, I believe I have something of value to contribute as I have been a protection officer working at several companies/sites over the past few years. Currently I am a supervisor with a contract company and have been working a housing complex site. It has afforded me the chance to work in a high speed environment and we deal with a variety of calls and individuals, and i have even become a CI for our local state police and have informed on the criminal element at the complex. Not bad for someone who graduated without honor from "Zoomass". Looking forward to providing insight, motivation and a kick in the pants to all who need it.

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    Seriously, IF2000, enough. You've come on here under five (I can't keep track anymore) different names. Get a hobby, man. One that doesn't involve the internet.


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      Damn it. I have been too busy in the last couple of months to use the internet so I missed this clown. What were IF's other aliases. I know if IF200 and Frankenstein. What were his other aliases.


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        Hello, I am new to this forum, and new to the industry, I currently work as a guard(night and graveyard shifts) at local sites, stores or events around town, with a local company for over two months.

        I go back on tonight, have great day everyone, I look forward to learning some useful things here

        Semper paratus!