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  • Hello from Salinas

    Hello Everyone,

    I just wanted to say hi. I have been lurking for about a year and decided to just register and get it over with. I am not a security guard, I am a sworn full time Deputy Sheriff though. I think those in the security industry and those who are sworn law enforcement can greatly benefit from each other if the morons on each side can set aside their differences and approach their jobs with an open mind and deflated ego. Before becoming a Deputy I was a Marine for 8 years. I look forward to taking part in the forums. Be safe everyone.

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    Welcome to the Security Info Watch board from Olympia Washington. I too agree that Security and Law Enforcement can be very vital tools to one another. While they are both very capable of operating alone, the partnership that is available has the potential to make both sides of the house a very good team. We need more LEOs with thinking like yourself, and less, "You are not cops, you are just wannabes"

    Welcome aboard.
    "Alright guys listen up, ya'll have probably heard this before, Jackson vs. Securiplex corporation; I am a private security officer, I have no State or governmental authority. I stand as an ordinary citizen. I have no right to; detain, interrogate or otherwise interfere with your personal property-... basically all that means is I'm a cop."-Officer Ernie
    "The Curve" 1998


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      I think a lot of those in law enforcement tend to forget that most of their peers have gotten their start in the security industry, whether they were actual security guards, loss prevention, or corporate security or whatever. Many of them turn to the security industry for supplemental income after they retire as well. My aunt and uncle both work security now to supplement their retirement from the Philadelphia Police Department. You can always go back to the saying "Never judge a book by it's cover."


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        Greetings from a brother California cop. I now work overseas but I will always be a SoCal copper at heart!


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          Greetings and you are right alot of retired police officers turn to security work for something to do. It has been a very good part-time job for me.


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            Originally posted by T202
            Greetings and you are right alot of retired police officers turn to security work for something to do. It has been a very good part-time job for me.
            T202 et al:
            That is what so very special about Court Security Officer Program administered by the US Marshals Service. Most, if not all, of these officers are retired from law enforcement, city, state, federal. They bring to the program "street smarts." Nothing can replace or will ever replace street smarts!
            These men and women are part of a select group of security companies contracted to the service and each member receives credentials which identify them as Special Deputy Marshals, when actually employed.
            For those of you, former or retired LEOs, give some consideration to doing the same. Contact your local District US Marshal or Supervisory Deputy In Charge of a sub-office within the District. You will receive the information and if accepted, go to Glynco GA to the USMS Academy for specialized training. Try it, you might like it!
            Enjoy the day,