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Greetings from Spain!

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  • Greetings from Spain!

    Hi everybody!

    I´m a 28 year old guy from Barcelona who´s been working as a Security Officer for 3 years and a few months.

    I took the job after I got tired of working as a junior human resources consultant for 2 years, on temporary contracts and a miserable pay. Not that becoming a Security Officer is a great improvement, but I´m better off right now in all regards. I´ve had my pluses and minuses in these 3 years, but the last 10 months have been pretty good. The client I´m working for is a metal scrap dealer, I work the night shift 80% of the time and spend the night reading and watching movies. All I have to do is a round every 2 hours. I´m all by myself, with all risk and advantages it entails.

    I´m glad I found this board, I´m anxious to get in touch with fellow rent-a-cops all over the world and know what´s this job is like in other countries.

    P.D. That thing in my avatar is the badge we all use in couldn´t be more ugly if they had tried.
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    Welcome to the forum. I look forward to hearing about how security companies work in Spain.


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      Ahh fond memories of Palma and Malaga