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  • Howdy from 559 California

    My handle is Kizarze and I'm in the Central Valley of California. I work unarmed security at special events and industrial complexes. Mace and First Aid/CPR/AED certified and would like to get my exposed firearm permit this year for my 1911.

    Joined the forum for general chat with others in the profession and related fields. I have a lot of interest in moving into the Executive Protection and Bail Enforcement professions in the future as well.

    Would be happy to answer any questions about closed circuit, remote access, or any other surveillance or DVR questions you guys might come up with as well. Worked for Pelco (now Schneider Electric) the world's largest security manufacturer for a number of years and was the only technician qualified, outside of Engineering dept, to troubleshoot (hardware and software) and run every series of DVR and camera that the company produced pre 2010.

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    Welcome to the Watch, we have many of fine skilled professionals here who take their careers very seriously, we still have some fun. Close Protection is a funny squirrel and a hard profession to crack. That said, it can be done with the right outfit and proper training. Any Military experience or secret clearance? you have some skills so that's cool, how's your PT Training? keep in good shape, it may save your life and the ones you are protecting and your team.

    Start off with qualifying with your side arm, make sure you choose a range with a Shootout House, you'd be surprised how much you can learn from close quarter combat. Get your resume in order, and go for it. Welcome and good luck.

    Stay Frosty
    Pop Pop - It reminds me of an old statement by my Master Sergeant. "A Good Run is better then a Bad Stand".

    Sec Trainer- Pop Pop: Hope you don't mind if I quote your Master Sergeant. He was a very smart man.

    Pop Pop- Yes Sir, Thank you Senior Instructor Sec Trainer, hope you don't mind if I place your quote into my Signature?

    Sec Trainer- Permission granted, recruit. Now, police the company area!

    flat out cool..