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  • Hi, one of Spain

    Hello, I am a Security Guard of Spain. I am an active user in the specialized forums in security and we usually leave doubts as security in other countries. We have views of France, Holland, Germany and seek more experience.

    I speak your language, but if anyone knows Spanish would appreciate it dialogue to perform in a more fluid. Otherwise, if I would like to indicate I go specifically section where specified as work in your country. In Spain there are different degrees. First you have to remove Security Vigilant titling and from there will have to obtain clearances Private Escort and Explosives Vigilant. Following are the categories of Director of Safety and Security Officer Private Detective besides. Once you get the titulation of Security Vigilant you can get the license C, which allows you to carry weapons at work.

    All qualifications are obtained through the Ministry of Interior, the exams are conducted by the National Police.

    How do you do you? you have annual refresher training? That you are asked to take the gun license? many questions and no I dont know where to make ...

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    In Canada each province regulates the private security insustry.

    In Québec the law was recently changed. The law is administered by La Bureau de la Sécurité Privée. There are licences for Security Guards, Private Investigators, Locksmiths, Security Consultants, Alarm Installers & People who transport money. Only those that transport money can carry a firearm. They go to the National Police School for the training. Security Guards must take an 80 hour course. They must pass a criminal background check done for the Bureau by the Provincial Police.

    The new law says that almost everyone working in private security now needs a license. Under the old law only those working for a Security Agency needed a license. Now even Store Detectives & Bar Bouncers need one. There is an exception if you work In-House & Security is not your primary duty. Example. Some of my employees that work in the hotels do service calls (bring towels to rooms) & minor maintenance duties. Security is only part of their duties. They do not need licences.

    Hope to hear more about you. What type of Security do you do?
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      Well, I worked as a caretaker of explosives, private bodyguard and now security vigilant job but to exercise the above first I had to take out the titulation of Vigilant. I have also worked transporting money. Now I'm in a hospital and given the recession that is in my country do not know if I will finish the year.
      I find it very interesting that in Canada you have to do the course at the police academy, not here, are performed in private academies and the test is performed with the National Police. The titulation leads to another police weapon called the Civil Guard.

      I would like to raise a lot of questions and the presentation is not the right place. I'll start with the basics, security guard. In that section I have to go?


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        Originally posted by salkro View Post
        I would like to raise a lot of questions and the presentation is not the right place. I'll start with the basics, security guard. In that section I have to go?
        You can start with this discussion forum.
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          Welcome, interested in seeing more international posters here. I'll also gladly reply to any questions you might have as for the security sector here up north.