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    Hello friends.....My name is Curtis and I would like to introduce a new development in the surveillance world.

    We are now able to have digital video surveillance from our personal computers anytime, anywhere!

    A security camera can be a useful addition to a household. But these systems can get quite expensive and often require expensive and often require a professional installation that includes drilling holes in walls and running wires throughout your house.

    The ingenuity behind our product is standard, but rarely used, technology called HomePlug, or powerline networking. It creates an Ethernet network using the already-installed electrical power lines running thoughout your house. So our camera connects to your compuer without requiring new wiring, or a wireless network.

    Our product uses 20% of your free hard-drive space for recording, thogh you cn adjust this percentage if you choose. When that 20% is filled, it starts over, deleting the oldest files first. If you have a particular video clip that you'd like to save, you can easily do so with a right-click option.