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  • Hello from West Virginia

    Hi, think it is good, two new folks from WV. Hi, and thanks for this forum. My background and why I am here is as follows:
    Worked in seven prisons in the state of Ohio. Also worked four years as Parole Officer in Ohio. Currently am head of all aspects of security at a federal agency, except for cyber. Recently commenced security firm venture with individual with great security background. With our collective experience and knowledge, as well as what think is good agenda/motivation, thought getting our foot in door would be a cinch. That arrogance is now gone and realization that there are many things involved that was naive to. So, gratefully join you all to improve upon security knowledge in general, to make friends, and to get a better sense of what we are not doing right and what we are doing wrong.



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    Welcome to Security Watch and welcome to the game. There's a bunch of fine professionals here.

    Pop Pop - It reminds me of an old statement by my Master Sergeant. "A Good Run is better then a Bad Stand".

    Sec Trainer- Pop Pop: Hope you don't mind if I quote your Master Sergeant. He was a very smart man.

    Pop Pop- Yes Sir, Thank you Senior Instructor Sec Trainer, hope you don't mind if I place your quote into my Signature?

    Sec Trainer- Permission granted, recruit. Now, police the company area!

    flat out cool..