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Greetings from Finland

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  • Greetings from Finland

    Hello from a security officer in Helsinki, Finland. Registered due to an interest in the security trade in other countries as well as to maintain my English skills.

    Employed by one of the bigger international security firms around here. Currently working mostly in retail sites, some of which are considered fairly hazardous due to being located in areas with large amounts of substance abusers and other disturbances, but also in night time mobile patrol in a downtown area here. In addition to that I have some experience from larger department store- level retail sites as well as harbor and industrial security sites.

    Currently in the process of completing a vocational security certificate, which is an around yearlong training program complementing the legally required 100h minimum training. Also will get a crowd controller license by the end of the month, which is a separate category of security licensing needed to work as a doorman or event security.

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    Nice to see another Finn here.

    It is also nice to meet another officer who is on a completely different line of sites from my own.