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    Hey everyone,

    Gonna try to make this introduction quick, simple and to the point. As it is just after midnight here and I am getting tired. Another guard that works for Garda recommended that I take a look at this site as he mentioned that there is a lot of great information most of the time.

    A little background on myself. Young 19 year old male with a can do/semi cocky attitude(Attempting to change that, however thats extremely difficult). Eventually I would like to move into some sort of Law Enforcement *pref. Military Police*.

    Back in December I attended two 40 Hour Courses with Garda in Edmonton AB Canada. Recently they have just been throwing me at numerous sites located throughout Edmonton *Malls, and other stat sites*.

    So far I enjoy it, although I do not enjoy some of the politics that are involved in some of the sites.

    This is all I can really think of at the moment if you have ANY questions and or comment feel free to shoot them my way and I will try to answer them in a timely fashion.

    Hope I will be able to contribute to this page and learn a thing or to.


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    I wanted to join the military police many years ago after taking 3 years of police technology in college. I was told that you had to enlist as a regular soldier first & maybe you could become a military police if there were opening in the future.I did not want to take the chance that I would join then there would be no openings. Good luck though.
    I enforce rules and regulations, not laws.
    Security Officers. The 1st First Responders.