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  • Hello all

    My name is Ryan MacMurphy, though many call me R.P. I currently work as a security patrol officer for a large industrial/technology park. I have been working this site for about five years now, although the company I work for has changed a few times.

    I enjoy working my job as I get to work several types of security at
    My site. We have armed patrols, unarmed access control, and corporate security in the offices. Several of the offices have camera networks with there own surveillance team. Anyway, I enjoy working in private security and look forward to getting to know you guys.

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    Welcome! It sounds like we work in similar sites. I have been working 0700-1500hrs. with access control for the last couple months. Next week I go to afternoons with armed patrol. I am looking forward to being able to move around again and not just sit behind a desk all day. I like the variety.