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    my name is TJ.
    i've been a security officer for about a month and a half in Houston,TX.
    i originally tried to join the site 3 weeks ago(i just got the ability to post) cause i wanted to ask for help on understanding the function and need of the inner duty belt with the duty belt.
    i have since gotten a small lesson from my outfitter, saying that there was no reason to buy a inner belt, because ANY normal belt does the same job with keepers.
    so, now i'm just here to get information i don't have, and any advise given to me by others in my chosen profession.

    on the lighter side
    i'm a guard in hotel parking lot. any advise on the best cold gear(and hot gear for the spring and summer) would always be greatly appreciated.
    as well as any tips on staying awake, cause my schedule is 11p-7a and 12a-5a.
    i tend to catch myself trying to doze off around 4-4:30 when i have to work til 7, and on my way home in the car when i get off at 5.
    i will of course be checking and posting the rest of the forums, and understand that this is an introductions thread, not one for questions.
    thank you.

    is anyone else in Houston?

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    Welcome aboard, TJ. You'll get all kinds of answers here - sometimes even if you didn't want them. (Kidding!)

    The inner belt is to provide stabalization and also keep the outer belt from sagging. I wore a single belt for years, and it always sagged after a year or two on the heaviest side. I also get back aches from years of wearing a belt, so I've added duty suspenders to my rig.

    Staying awake is tough - coffee is about all I can recommend (for 4:00am - not before driving home, or you'll be up all day). Energy drinks don't work for me - they taste gross and give me a stomach ache, but that's just me.


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      Change ya sleeping schedule and get a nap in a a few hours before you go in. I space out energy drink towards middle of shift. Are you in a guard shack? Foot patrol?
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        stay away from the energy drinks and 5 hour shots as they only make staying awake harder after their short little boost is gone. I drink lots of water and coffee. I also get up and move around every so often.


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          yeah, puts me to sleep, i can drink it all night, and about 4:30-5:00 i start to want to close my eyes. But if i take a few Dr. Peppers with me, i can stay up better.
          sun-wed im on foot patrol in a small "L" shaped parking lot of a La Quinta, there are two small gazebos but no, i don't get a guard shack. though since it's getting colder, i've gotten permission to get in my personal car every now and then, as long as i'm somewhere that i'm obvious.
          on Friday, i'm in a figure 8 shaped lot, around a Homewood and a Wingate...but i get to spend the shift doing laps in the cruiser(decommisioned police car).
          i still don't have my duty belt, but i talked to my outfitters, and he explained what the inner belt is for, how it's worn...then he informed me not to waist my money in his store on a inner belt, cause i could do the same thing with my normal everyday belt and keepers. ) i love honest people.


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            Welcome to the forum. I too am new, but have been in security for a while now. I hope you find it as rewarding as I do.

            Staying awake can definitely be a challenge on an overnight job. Everyone has something that works for them. My current job requires me to be on a radio regularly so I really couldn't fall asleep if I wanted to.

            As for cold weather gear, I would recommend anything made by Massif. Personally, I use the Massif Elements Tactical Jacket. I have a black one and it is perfect for cold, as well as rain and snow. There are also several pockets to store additional equipment.


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              I'm surprised to hear that the hotels in your area have parking lot patrols. A lot of the hotels in this area don't have security inside their buildings, never mind in the parking lots.
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      's only b/c they've had attempted break ins in the vehicles
                i have an old high school buddy that is a supervisor for another security company here in Houston. (like, BIG security company in houston). so my plan is to stay with this company for a little bit, get my lvl 3, and move to this other company.
                they've got new chargers ;o)


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                  A lot of the hotels here in St.louis have security due to vehicle break-ins. It is really bad around the edward jones dome (where the Rams play). I also use belt keepers and think they work well.