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Does anyone have sample Security Policys

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  • Does anyone have sample Security Policys

    Does anyone have sample Casino Security policies and procedures pertaining to the MICS under NIGC im trying very hard on making policies and procedures but i need a little help i don't know where else to turn can anyone recommend a Casino Security Consultant that is resonable to help me write Casino Policies and Procedures i work at a Class 2 Casino
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    I would try direct networking with casino security staff. I know the two casinos in CT, Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods have immense security forces. However they are also amazingly unwilling to give out any info on thier practices and rightly so. You might well have to contact a casino and forward your bonafides/credentials and have some references they can check before you can move on. The International Association of Professional Security Consultants has a website you can use. And as always ASIS and Security Management Magazine have websites with a good bit of useful information.
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