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To anyone who holds or can obtain a Minnesota Security company license Please read

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    OP requested deletion of thread. I believe it's a keeper. Not only to show OPs issues, but as a teaching tool for others as regards to professionalism in security, grammar, writing skills, etc.

    Besides. It's just too funny!


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      Sounds to me like someone can't be mature enough to understand a simple request.

      Just a fyi if someone asks a simple question there should be responses with answers not questions of someone's professionalism. I'm sure you will quote all of this and try to make my response make me look ridiculous some how.

      I have asked nicely and you still choose mock and make false statements towards my good name by saying I have issues. Defamation of character is a bliss on here isn't it.

      I have heard from many people in field that this site has people who like to think there better then anyone else. I say check your ego at the door. Mocking people and making someone look out to be not professional is just wrong.

      You don't know me and no one has ever met me from this site. Someone should be able to ask a question without fear of reprisals on here. I have worked in this field since 2000 and have co workers who have nothing but good things to say about me. I'm in my mid 30s and realise I did ask a stupid question 7 years ago and I own up to that. Keep this thread up if you want.

      People who are not in this line of work only see this as a site where other members knock down one another.
      True professionalism means if you don't know the person asking the question then maybe you should try to get to know the person before responding with comments that question the person good name.

      I have seen alot of new members ask questions and met almost with the same unprofessional responses. I don't know anyone who would bother with a site like this if all they see is other members knocking down people who ask questions regardless if the questions are stupid or not.
      I say good day to you.
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        Last I read, you were wanting assistance in committing You can't have it your way. There ARE stupid questions. You asked a few. You got answered.

        Dont let the door hit you...


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          I never knew asking to be a business partner is committing fraud. I believe you and certain other people read what I asked in a entirely different way.

          I asked just to be a partner as I would have not been the person holding the license with the broad.

          And no I did ask to be a manger of the company if I was a co owner. I just wanted to help finance some of it to help the license holder / owner. I also said I would work occasionally under the owners license. This is not unheard of because I have heard of other people doing this and even having silent business partners.

          Nothing there is fraud in the question I asked 7 years ago.
          ​​​​​​It's not my fault if you misinterpreted anything that I have asked in the question. You where Implying I was intending to break the law. I follow the law to the letter.

          Good day.
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            *peeks through door*

            Damn, I missed all the fun.