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    Hey can anyone guide me to good reporting software. Currently use Excel but need to upgrade how our reports are. Also does anyone know where I can find a good either software or a vehicle theft/auto prowl report?

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    I saw lots of companies with this kind of solution at the ASIS show last week... from big ones like PPM2000 to smaller companies. You may want to post this also in the On Guard discussions down the page to get officers' input.



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      One of the most effective tools I've used is ACT!, which is exactly what you're looking for. Not only does it allow report writing, but it allows you to manage accounts -- including contact information, post orders, special instructions, etc. If your company is mobile (or plans to be), it is a valuable resource both in the office and in the vehicle's MDT/laptop.

      Check it out here:
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        We use Report Exec Direct from CESI

        It is reasonably priced, and Web based.

        The system provides:

        Case Reports
        Lost Property Reports
        Scheduling Module
        Training Tracking
        Parking Citations/Moving Violations
        Arrest and Booking Reports
        Parking Permits
        Daily Activity Reports
        Key Tracking
        Visitor/Vendor Tracking
        Field Interviews
        CLERY Reports
        Investigations Module
        Traffic Stops Module
        Online Reporting
        Administrative Reporting

        There is an optional Dispatch module as well. We use this system at most of our fixed post sites and all of our patrol cars have it. Every type of report prints in PDF and can be emailed directly from the system.