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Chart-Drawing Tool for Consultants, Analysts, etc.

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  • Chart-Drawing Tool for Consultants, Analysts, etc.

    Consultants, designers and analysts need tools for visual representation of information, both to enable them to visually recognize patterns and to communicate with clients and other stake-holders.

    RF Flow is an extremely easy-to-use but feature-packed chart-drawing tool for everything from organizational charts, Gantt charts, process flows, etc. to link charting for crime/incident analysis. It's $49.95 and there's a fully-functional 30-day downloadable demo available.

    If you try it, be sure to check out the enormous range of shapes, lines, etc. available by clicking on the "More Shapes" button in the main drawing interface. Shapes are organized into sets called "stencils" and you just drag them onto the drawing surface. You can also save your charts in a number of different formats (JPG, GIF, PNG, etc.) for various purposes (Web pages, Adobe PDF files, Office documents, etc.).

    ...and you can create your own custom stencils of shapes if you wish.

    The tool is extremely intuitive. From the time I started downloading the demo until I had it installed and had created and saved the following two charts (including checking the Help file on how to save JPG files) took 15 minutes, tops.

    Here's the link to the website: - take a look-see at the huge number of charts you can create by clicking on the "Samples" link.

    ...and here are the simple charts I created in a couple of minutes. They're really quite crude compared to many things I could have done to add text (my first was the CCTV system diagram and I added no text but could have labeled each one, inserted a text box with information that pops up on click, etc.), spiff up the font, add colors, and all that good stuff. I put some text in the phone link chart and it was dead easy.

    NOTE: I am not affiliated in any way with this product.
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