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  • Security Manager Questionnaire

    I am currently a Masters in Museum Studies student who is working on a thesis on the subject of security guards. I am a former security guard who does have an insider's view on the topic. However, I am interested in getting some feedback from security managers or consultants regarding the following questions. Please fill out any you can answer, it would be greatly appreciated for my project. Please include your name, title, and institution. If you wish to remain anonymous, that is also fine. Thank you!

    1. What are some of the challenges in the museum security field?

    2. What are some of your goals for the security department at your museum/institution?

    3. Are guard assignments and patrol routes varied to prevent an established routine?

    4. Is each member of the security guard force required to complete on-going in-service and advanced training? If so, what does it involve?

    5. Is there currently any cross-training for security guards? For example: Are guards able to learn more about the collection by working with the education department?

    6. Do other departments in the museum use your security guards as resources? If so, how?

    7. Are you interested in a copy of my results?

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    Re: Security Manager Questionnaire

    This may or may not answer some of your questions. Hope it helps some.
    (1) Does the Plan require an armed or unarmed security force to protect the facility


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      Re: Security Manager Questionnaire

      I have some ideas about these questions. Email me at [email protected] and we can discuss options for getting the word out on this.

      Geoff Kohl, editor