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How to find a CCTV System INSTALLER

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  • How to find a CCTV System INSTALLER

    My current client is a 245 unit condo in SF, CA, wants to switch CCTV systems. (They have 32 mo-sens CCTVs, but no control equipment for the security guard!) So they want a whole new system and want a referral.

    Reading the Buyers Guides, it's hard to distinguish between seller/installers from just sellers of equipment. Am I missing something?

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    Re: How to find a CCTV System INSTALLER

    You need an installer that understands the CCTV they are selling. Here are some question that you can quiz the installer/reseller of the equipment on before you purchase.

    - Have you done twisted pair CCTV installations before? This involves pulling CAT5E and using a pair of CAT5E cables to send/receive video. It is ideal if you are eventually to migrate to IP cameras and Ethernet.
    - Have you installed DVRs before? If so which ones? Which are best and why?
    - How do you security my DVR from viruses and other hackers?
    - What warranties do you offer?

    Ask if you can visit a site that they installed and talk to their client. Check how cable was run to insure a clean job was done. Ask client if they were happy with the system and installation and most important after installation service.

    Seems pretty basic, hope it helps. [email protected]

    Zahir Zubair


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      Re: How to find a CCTV System INSTALLER

      It is a big difference between the manufacturers, distributors and installers.
      The company in question should tell you in which category they belong.....
      Some install companies have their own OEM brand equipment from overseas.
      For good equipment, you want to stay with a manufacturer who is in the business for at least 5 years, and they will support their products for at least the next 5 years.
      For installers, the best way to go - references.
      Visit a site the installer did, and talk to the end user, asks if they would use the dealer for another job.