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Using cameras the right way?

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  • Using cameras the right way?

    This kind of story is every security director's nightmare -- using cameras to ogle guests:

    I'd love to hear how you make sure this doesn't happen at your security department's operations.

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    Re: Using cameras the right way?

    Theres no sure fire way to guarentee this type of thing won't happen. I am a Manager at a Response Centre that provides video monitoring and verification services to many many third party clients. This is not an area we shy away from when it comes to our clients. While there is no guarantee, there are options to mitigate the possibility.

    Many DVR system software out there today has some blocking functionality built in, where a portion or portions of the field of view can be blocked out. It is mainly used to block adjacent property or off site windows. I'm sure this is only one technilogical solutions to such a problem.

    I think that the most useful tool to combat abuse is training and accountability. All of our Operators are trained extensively in privacy law and privacy related issues. Each Operator understands their responsibility to protect not only our clients property, but the rights of all people in our society. They understand that they can be held accountable personally and at the same time, every keystroke in our centre is triplicated and stored, and any alledged incidents are investigated. To compound all of that we also adhere to strict reference and background checks on all Employees.

    It's all in the balance!!

    But thats just my opinion.