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  • Bill Warnock
    Re: Welcome to the discussion forum

    Consumer-Grade Surveillance at the Post Office?
    This is another example of what happens when people in charge of using public funding get carried away with that "breath of power." Retired US Army Colonels Chuck Hammaker and David Garner opined since there is money being thrown around, the security know-it-all has cropped up like a weed in an otherwise well manicured lawn.

    This goes to show all of us who made this business a career, there are people who call themselves security professionals who cast a pall over the rest of us.

    In their defense, USPS can say with pride, "Look, we're doing something. It might not be the brightest thing we've ever done, but at least we're doing something." The old military saw: Let's do something even if it wrong.

    When we traverse an airport screening point and see the junk they use to mitigate the affects of electrical trash, you realize you are not dealing with rational human beings.

    I quoted Charlie Pierce in an inspection report on the protection of cameras and how to make field of views more efficient. The report went sailing through until it got to the legal department. That part was removed because it was "too specific" and quoted a person who was selling a service. Never mind that Charlie was correct, he was selling a service.

    Then political realities settle in, what senator or congressman put pressure on the Postal Service to purchase this item? It does not have to make sense. A bottle of booze, a wad of cash and a blonde with the Hoover vacuum patented sucking action rule the day.

    God help us when this item reaches the GSA catalogue.

    Enjoy the day.
    Bill Warnock

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    Welcome to the discussion forum

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