I am currently looking for agencies or individuals to host a 2 day program called "Close Quarters Confrontation Responses." This class costs the student $225.00 and a minimum of 10 are needed to hold the class at your location. The host receives free tuition and for every 5th student enrolled after the initial 10, another free slot is available. This free slot may be used to either train additional personnel or the $225.00 collected for that student may be kept as a profit. E-mail me for additional details.
J. MacCauley & Associates presents
Close Quarters Confrontation Responses

In an effort to provide protective services to our clients and charges, we need to be prepared to deliver safe and effective responses to sudden attacks and confrontations. Unlike the fantasy moves depicted in the media and motion picture world, reality dictates a more justifiable and legally defensible response to most confrontations.
This program will introduce and reinforce the various responses to common threats, as well as sudden attack/ ambush situations.

Day 1 - Attack Awareness
Reading Body Language
Threat Recognition Techniques
Introduction to Close Quarter tactics

Day 2 - Confined Space tactics
Closest Weapon/ Closest Target
Armed/ Unarmed Responses to Immediate Threats
Behavioral Defensive Tactics
Legal and Psychological Survival following a Use of Force

This program was developed to enhance previously learned skills and fill a gap found in traditional defensive tactics programs. There are no prerequisites to attend this training, other than the student being employed as a Personal Protection Specialist or Law Enforcement Officer (part or full time).
The fee for this training is $225.00 and includes all instructional material, student workbook and, certificate of completion.

Location: TBA
Dates: TBA

Registration information: [email protected] or phone 561-644-4147

Instructor for this program is Jerry MacCauley, PPS, CST. Mr. MacCauley is a Defensive Tactics and Firearms specialist who has been training police and security officers in high liability programs for over twenty years. He is certified by numerous training entities to teach their programs as well as develop and update current training standards. With a law enforcement background of over twenty five years, Jerry has been involved in SWAT, Training, Hostage Negotiations and, patrol activities. Jerry also is a member of Nine Lives Associates (NLA), American Society for Law Enforcement Training (ASLET), Academy of Security Educators and Trainers (ASET), National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) and, International Association Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI).