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    I was told that Securitas taking Caterpillar from Guardsmark is finally public information and can be discussed freely. While it has been in the works for several months, the transition had to be kept covert because of legal problems. I know this will be good for Securitas if we call pull it off and I personally believe it will end up being an improvement for the guards. But it is still rough going right now. I for one am tired of living in a hotel but Caterpillar's corporate security training (industrial firefighter, hazmat technician) were both fun. The Cat facilities really seem to take their security seriously and under the Securitas contract they guards will be paid nearly a living wage. Though firefighting with Securitas' insurance is a daunting prospect. Are there any other Guardsmark, Securitas or Caterpillar Corporate Security, people on the board who are currently involved in this transition?
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