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  • Help in starting my security team


    I am Scott. I am the owner of countys fair & fairgrounds. I am about to establish a security team for our fairs. We have fairs for 9 days each time , 2 times a year.

    I have my security officers , All have been doing this for about 5 yrs atleast.

    I am going to allow them to carry Pepper Spray, Baton, Cuffs & etc.

    My main question is: if they have to use any of gear (ASP baton , Pepper Spray etc.), After calling the local police, what else will we need to do?

    Also, should I allow any of them to be armed?

    The county fair is a fairly rough place to work, thats why I am allowing them to carry the gear.

    I am fairly new at all of this so, please excuse the dumb questions.

    I am sure I will have others

    Any other advice would be greatly apprichiated...

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    First question, what state are you in? (If you're outside the United States, arming your security staff may be illegal.)
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      Im in Alabama.

      as far as i know, there not to many laws as far as Security in Alabama


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        I'll chime in as my Branch Office also covers southern Alabama. The only requirement that I know of is for officers that are armed with a firearm to have a carry permit. Other than that no licenses are required.

        As for reporting requirements, I don't know of any BUT you safest bet is anytime your people use ANY type of force is to contact local LE to inform them and to document, document, document. And if you don't do anything else DOCUMENT!!!

        PM me if there is anything specific I can help you with.
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          Out here in Oregon the Fair's usually, with open arms, have the police work the crowd like PT Barnum on crack. State, County, and Locals (some ever from the next county over) get togethe and do what they can.

          I am familiar of a state law tht grants the fair to estblish it's own police force, unless I am mistaken. Better look that up, before someone fries me on it. Regardless, does your state permit the same? If not, is there a county ordinance that would?

          And here it is referring to the County Fair Board;

          ORS 565.240 Rules and regulations; peace officers; appointment and powers. The board may make and enforce all rules and regulations necessary for the proper conduct and management of their respective fairs. It may appoint such marshals or police as may be necessary to keep order and preserve the peace during the time and at the place of holding the fairs and at all other times when the board deems such appointments necessary for the preservation of the peace and the protection of public and private property upon the fairgrounds. The officers so appointed have the same authority for the preservation of order and making arrests upon the grounds as would a deputy sheriff.
          I kinda find it interesting that the state allows the fair board to not only enforse the rules, but make the rules up and then enforce them.
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            Police would be better.. but ...i cant afford $30 an hr. for roughly 6 police officers for 9 days, 2 times a yr.

            that would be---
            $30hr. x 7 hrs. = $210 a officer for 1 day. (more on sat. & sun since were open from 12am-12pm. but just a example of how expensive)
            $1260 for 6 officers a night.
            $11,340 for 6 officers for 9 days
            $22,650 for 6 hrs, 9 days, 2 times a yr.

            alot better just to hire security lol

            I dont think that fair police law is for alabama though.


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              You should check into your liability coverage. Be sure you have plenty. You may have a minimum requirement in your state, and that would be a good place to start. By the time you figure in liability, payrole, worker's comp, social security, uniforms, etc, you may find it cheaper to just find a reputible security contract company.
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                If i knew of a security comp. around my area, and they would give me a good deal on priceing i would defently consider that..

                Only using them a total of 18 days a year, if i got my own security i would pay them under the table basicly. no more than like 40-50 a night.

                I wouldnt have workers comp., social security or any of that.

                The uniforms I planned on getting would be very inexpensive..
                Heres a link to the polo shirt I wanted them to wear. It is very simple, very professional & looks good.

                Uniform: this polo shirt, black BDU's (I would buy these) & most already have what duty gear they need.


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                  No it was for Oregon, I showed it to give you an idea, that's all an idea. I do not know if your state has any such laws, and hoped the wording might have jogged your memory.

                  What kind of budget are you working with?
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                    budget is pretty flexable but I know i could not afford police, as i already figured that in another message.

                    But i figured :
                    $50 a security each , 6 security a night =$300.00
                    $300 security total x 9 days = $2700
                    Uniforms - $20 Shirt, $20 BDU's (roughly) - Avg. $50 ea. so.. $300 for uniforms.
                    A couple security vehicles (wht. police interceptors) at $2000 or so ea. $4,000 total
                    2 goft carts at $750 ea. = $1500
                    so thats a total of $8500.00 give or take..

                    But like i said, If i could find a established security company that had vehicles already, uniforms and etc. then I might go that route..

                    But I want everything to look PROFESSIONAL. so if u know any security comp. that is like that then, i will defently look into them.


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                      Alright, lets say its an 8 hour shift, and you pay 40 a night. That's 5 dollars an hour.

                      Lets say you pay 50 a night, that's 6.25 an hour.

                      You are going to pay them under the table without insurance. They are armed with mace and batons and possibly firearms. They are going to be touching people. If they get hurt, you are going to lose about 1-2 million dollars in the resulting lawsuit and state/federal fines.

                      If they hurt someone, and at 50 a night there's no reason to expect them to be actually trained with any of the equipment you're giving them... Think of a number over one million and triple it. That's the damages that will result from:

                      Vicarious Liability, Failure To Train, Civil Negligence, possibly Criminal Negligence, and direct and punitive damages due to injuries.

                      If you are serious about this, you need to do it correctly. They need to be real employees. You need to have liability insurance.

                      These employees have the potential to KILL a man. A use of force incident raises questions, questions that will result in fines and possible jail time.

                      Now, I realize things are done in Alabama differently, but if the feds find out, it won't matter. And a lawsuit will bring the IRS and DOJ coming, they smell blood.

                      As to security firms, no one will touch your account for a bill rate of 5-6 an hour. And they especially won't let a guard touch anyone, or do anything short of stand there without a radio of cell phone and be a "presence." Not even call the police.
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                      "Every time I see another crazy Florida post, I'm glad I don't work there." ~ Minneapolis Security on Florida Security Law


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                        If the secuirty company has there own patrol vehicles & uniforms then that will give me some extra cash as far as payroll though.

                        That $4,000 for vehicles, $300 for uniforms and etc. can all be put into pay roll.

                        just say that the security company let me have 6 of there officers for $12.00 a hr. for 8 hrs then, for the 9 days.

                        10hr. x 8 hrs. = 96 per officer
                        96 per officer x 6 officers= 576 a night
                        576 x 9 days = 5,184

                        thats still cheaper than going and doing it myself getting the uniforms, vehicles, etc.

                        Police- $11,340 for 9 days
                        Doing it myself- $8500 for 9days & vehicle exprense
                        save $3,316 from doing it myself & Save $6,156 from the police route.
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                          I'm still having problems wrapping my brain around the idea of the local cops refusing to work the a fair if you gave them $8500. It's a target rich environment, the $8500 would take care of the OT costs. You wouldn't really need a contract for service agreement with them, as it's more than likely in their jurisdiction... etc etc etc.

                          I mean its like putting fish in a barrel from an LE point of view.

                          But, since you seem to refuse to look at that, why are considering flat out purchasing the vehicles? Doesn't the fair grounds already have the vehicles on hand? Can't you rent a golf cart? Hell, for $8500, would the Sheriff or Police Reserves work this event for you? Sorry, I just can't get over that...

                          It looks like your painting yorself into a corner, so just pick up the phone book and ask for bids. But, don't tell them to much of your budget, you might end up saving some money. If they know that they have $8500 to work with they might get creative in their bids.

                          Again, I am sorry if I am just too obtuse to grab the concept...
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                            People actually work for $5.00 an hour in Alabama? That is really depressing. Remind me never to branch out down there.
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                              Like i said earlier, the police / sheriffs will work the event but are REALLY expensive for off duty work.

                              The local police is $30 a hr & the sheriff is $35 a hr. for off duty work.. So that is expensive.. Around $12k
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