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  • New to Security Managment Need Advice


    First of all I would like to say I have been doing Security now for a little over 3 and a half years and during this time I have worked almost every angle of security from Airport Screening to Crowd control (Doorman), from Static (sigh) jobs to armed patrols, from Cash in transit to hospital restraint teams and not to forget loss prevention and retail (as in working in a shopping complex). Now during this time I have picked up quite a large amount of knowledge and what I would be asking is there any effective tips or strategies anyone can offer here as to implementing a new security team into an already established area.

    The current security bar 1 member are going to be relieved of their current positions as they have been caught sleeping, stealing and just generally not doing there jobs. So I have been sent in to institute a new young (or "experienced") team to ensure management of the center is happy, as currently I am sure you can imagine they are not.

    So to start off my first job once I arrive is to do a risk analysis of the work space. Such as trip hazards, fire extinguishers, lighting and what not. Things like a use of force continuum policy, first aid, log books and so on. It is a major over haul basically of what the previous security "manager" has done.

    So does any one have any tips or policies of their own they wish to share?

    All help is greatly appreciated.
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    Budget some time to surf through many of these pages, there is much to be learned. Some what to do, some what not to do.
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      I guess I'd have two pieces of advice:

      1. Start with a review of the existing setup. It's unlikely that absolutely everything the previous manager did was wrong and needs rework. There might be quite a bit that you can keep, even if you think you'll modify it somewhat later.

      The flip side of this is that you're identifying what must absolutely be changed, and changed now. Focus on that.

      2. More important than anything else, make close communication and consultation with the client(s) your top priority, especially before (and during) any major changes in procedures. This is not just to get them to sign off on what you're doing (very important!), but as a way of letting them know that their issues are being addressed.

      It's very easy to get focused on "proper security procedures" and forget that it's not just officers who will be impacted, but also the client.

      Good luck!
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