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    Originally posted by PM Protection View Post

    I am in California also and mainly do armed work. I have heard great things about El Dorado but last year I was quoted via my online app. and it came in very high (15k year). Lesson learned, so I went with "ACS" which is roughly 457.00 a month after 1200.00 down (Southern Ca based).

    I will be shopping around in January so thank you for all of this valuable info!
    PM Protection we wish you all the luck getting insurance. A word of caution remains to check with your state's insurance commissioner or secretary of commerce that company you want to buy a policy from is authorized to underwrite in your state and what their track record is. You don't want your hard earned money going down in a black hole.
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      We don't have much to choose from here as most Insurance companies consider the word "Security" to be like "the plague" even if you run your consulting business only like I retained for myself. Lloyds of London are 1 of 4 firms that will cover Security companies in Australia for liability. I know it adds on another 5% to my operating costs but it is necessary to cover the business in case of something from left field. Oh when I ran another business, a competitor went bankrupt 4 years after the incident as his $2 mil liabilitiy insurance did not cover the $10 million claim against him - they settled on $3 mil and he had to foot the rest plus legal fees.
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