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    Are there any state that do not allow private agencies to use a dog?
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    Better question would be, are there any states that don't?

    A dog is part weapon, part sentry, and part detection device. Its use as all three is governed under the law, yes, but its not impersonating a law enforcement officer simply by having a K9 unit, or having a dog on property.

    What it is, of course, is a liability nightmere unless your very careful in your K9 deployments. The dog's biting would be considered "great bodily injury" in some jursidictions. This means that you can't deploy a dog in a search if he's trained to grab and drag. The legality of letting a "bad" or "vicious" animal loose on a fenced in and marked property is dubious at best. A property I worked had K-9 Security next door. This was two German Shepards who were mean SOBs. I finally asked a Deputy about it, his suggestion was .38 +P+ if they ever got over the fence, then call them out for the aggrovated assault complaint against the owner next door.

    Of course, the dog can be used as intimidation, and if someone attacks the handler, the dog could be released to protect the handler from an unknown level of attack, which could be articulated as "I was in fear for my life, the guy jumped me, I released my dog."

    A K-9 Team as a detection device can be useful. If the dog is certified to detect narcotics, then there is probable cause (As if its needed) for the K-9 Team handler to call the police out and have THEIR K-9 run through the area. The security K-9 Team has the authority to conduct sweeps if the property is so marked, as it is "his" property. There are several firms in Wisconsin that specialize in K-9 sweep teams for residential apartment complexes, private schools, and factories. Entering onto the property means you are subject to passive or active searches, as stated at every entrance. Haven't heard of any bad outcomes from these sweeps.
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      Around here it seems to be more and more of a demand for security K-9 teams.


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        Here are a few things you might want to consider.
        (1) Working dog teams?

        (a) What agency originally trained and certified both the dog and its handler? Are United States Police K-9 Association and International Association of Chiefs of Police guidelines followed regarding selection, training, retention, certification and recertification?

        (b) How often are working-dog teams retrained and recertified? Daily training? Remember ?training for error? and ?cognitive set error.? Have the curricula vitae of the instructors been verified? Good records maintained? Are any dogs trained as sentry dogs that are to bite no matter circumstances? When are dogs permitted to bite? When the subject has been neutralized, will the dog still bite? Are records of dog bites and circumstances surrounding the bite maintained? What office within the corporation is responsible for reviewing all dog bites?

        (c) Is disciplinary action taken against the handler when bites are adjudged unwarranted? Is disciplinary action taken against supervisors when they have knowledge of misconduct and immediate actions were not taken?

        (d) What agency is responsible for recertification?

        (e) How reliable are the working dog teams? How is this reliability determined?

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          Most K-9 teams here only sniff for drugs in schools,apartment complex and some industrial facilities. They also assisted some local L/E departments for person searches and crowd management

          Training with one of the agencies K-9 units no dog was released for any reason, they had determined that their is a danger zone (cirlce) which is determined by the leash length I am not sure if that was set by the agency or by the training institute.


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            As far as dogs go...what do you want the dog to be used for??

            Tracking and protection SHOULD be trained properly.

            We have a dog that is in schutzhund (protection dog), training. The higher the level in Schutzhund, the better the qualification of the dog, AND handler.

            This is important how? Well the more certifications you, and your dog have the less chance you will be successfully sued for liability.

            As you know in this business..liability liability liability.


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              Always remember, the handler will bring the dog down to his level of competence or incompetence.
              Liability is an issue that cannot be overlooked. Training must be conducted by personnel certified in specific areas of training by an accredited agency. That is why the US Police K-9 Association is a good place to start.
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                I'll have to settle for a hot "dog" at my post.
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