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    At this time our Human Resources Department is conducting all of our company’s pre-employment screenings, and not doing a satisfactory job of it. After several recent incidents, our department is pushing to be involved in the process. In our view future state should be that we would have a person dedicated to perform this task, possibly also assisting with other investigations depending on workload, but we know that in our organization creating a position and protocols will take time because of the politics involved.

    Unfortunately we need a solution immediately, so I was hoping that someone here could provide me with direction to a resource that could provide comprehensive pre-employment security screenings. Our actual requirements aren’t that high, but we would need someone to provide basic personal data verification, comprehensive criminal history, and credit checks. My personal preference would be for something Internet based that would return results in a timely manner, but I would be open to other methods.

    Can anyone recommend any services that would meet my requirements?
    Drew Neckar
    Hospital Security Supervisor

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