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  • Physical Security Assessment App

    Hello All! I wanted to share something I have been working on which is now available on the app store. The EasySet web & mobile app will intuitively and systematically guide you through your security survey, step by step, generating a stunning PDF security assessment report for your client. Individually or as a team, conduct your physical security and risk assessment with speed and efficiency, reducing your turnaround time by over 75%. With the EasySet app, your report is complete before you get back to the office. I would really appreciate feedback from professionals in the community as this was made for you! Thanks and glad to be on this forum!

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    way over priced and for what exactly???

    I've got exp in commercial doors, windows, hatches and related hardware and I can almost always find weak points at a new site, but I don't see any help for non-exp persons in your stuff.


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      This is an interesting concept and tool. I have created many security checklists/inspections and I can see how this software is valuable. The video stated there are ways to customize the input and I'd be curious to see how customizable it is. Security checklists and inspection areas will vary for each job and if this app was easily customizable for each inspection, it would have universal application. Everyone from your average community resident (neighborhood watch groups) to high profile security professionals could use this software.

      I have 2 concerns:
      1. The online features. This could obviously lead to huge risk factors and I didn't see what measures the company takes to reduce the possibility of a data breach. Security professionals are supposed to trust a 3rd party software company, when major fortune 500 companies can't even protect consumer data?
      2. The prices. This app has great potential, but I really don't need to spend this much as a Consultant to perform these tasks.

      Overall, I like how streamlined this software is, especially when it comes to generating final reports.