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  • Northwest Law Enforcement Conference

    Whether or not you are a full time law enforcement officer, reserve officer, military police officer, corrections officer, government security officer, school safety officer, or volunteer in law enforcement it means you are an important member of the law enforcement team. Learning new skills and maintaining existing ones are vital to the service you perform and may make the difference between life and death. That?s why you should attend the Northwest Law Enforcement Conference 2006. There will be several interesting classes taught by top-notch instructors and you?ll enjoy networking with people from a variety of other departments and backgrounds. Check it out at

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    This person/vendor linked to the website, which resticts attendance to private security/safety officers employed by the Federal Government or a School District.

    Licensed Private Security may only attend if a major security company requests that the conference allow an employee to attend on company letterhead.

    This seems slightly different than the vendor's post.
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