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    Does anyone know where to get some NISPOM training? I cant seem to get a foot in the door at Boeing, Northrop, gov., etc without having NISPOM experience. Obviously being in the military is where most get it, but I have seen plenty of people in those positions that have no military experience. Any advice?

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    I suggest that you go right to the source and email them.


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      Thanks, but that is just some company's consulting website.


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        NISPOM isn't a training program; it's a document (National Industrial Security Operations Manual). Among many other things, it establishes the requirements for security training that cleared defense contractors (among others) are required to provide to employees. The training covers handling classified materials and a number of other topics.

        The training is obtained through employment with a defense contractor and may be provided either by the contractor's own FSO (facility security officer) or by a training company that the contractor engages.

        As far as I know, the training is not available to private individuals outside of employment with a defense contractor who provides the training.

        I realize this creates somewhat of a Catch-22 situation but that's often how employment in classified industries works - companies try to avoid the costs of training and clearance, giving preference to people who already have them, paid for by a former employer (military or otherwise). They're very reluctant to hire people who don't bring these assets to the table because they're very costly to employers - especially clearances.

        So you can't get the req's because you haven't worked for an employer who pays for them, and you can't get hired by such an employer because you don't have the req's. That's the Catch-22.

        Just in case you're interested, here's the 2006 version of NISPOM - there have been minor revisions but it will give you the gist: A bit dense, but a lot of it's common sense. Who knows - maybe if you know this manual backward and forward it might give you an edge in an interview. At least it would show you have initiative that most other applicants wouldn't.
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