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  • GEM Electric Cars for Security

    Being bored, I ordered information on the GEM Electric Vehicle, by Daimler-Chrysler Corporation. Their website is

    With so many companies using golf carts and other electric vehicles that provide little elemental protection, have no safety features, and no lighting whatsoever on them, I looked at this vehicle as a replacement for golf carts and expensive motor vehicles on large properties where you would traditionally put a vehicle patrol - residential complexes, corporate campuses, downtown business areas, etc.

    These are the pro's I found about this vehicle:
    1. Has hard automotive doors. Able to protect occupants from rain.
    2. Two and Four seater models. Ability to mount partition in vehicle for those who need one.
    3. Speed: This thing does 25 MPH.
    4. Safety : Its tall, brightly colored, and built around an automotive frame.
    5. Lighting Package: It has full lights for street driving.
    6. Accessories: This can take all the accessories of a regular security/police vehicle.
    7. Looks: It gains attention and visibility because its not just another golf cart. Its different.

    It takes 6 12 volt batteries. It lasts for hours, requiring only an 8 hour charge. It does 25 MPH.

    The military seems to love these things, and there are discounts and rebates for purchasing them from most states and the federal EPA.

    Now, all that said, what are alternatives to vehicles like this?
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    Alternatives? No thanks. I'll just take the car you highlighted.

    (Currently, my alternatives are: hoof-it, hoof-it, and hoof-it )
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