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Does your client allow emergency drills on site?

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  • Does your client allow emergency drills on site?

    I'm sure others are in the same boat as our in house department - we'd like to run emergency drills, but it would generally be too disruptive to the daily operation of the company to do so.

    Two solutions are table top exercises and limited drills. Table top obviously doesn't allow you to actually practice an emergency response plan, but it at least gets everyone in the room to review the plan and see if there are any obvious flaws or complications.

    Limited exercises are better - we do them in a room or building not being used, away from the daily operation so we don't disrupt things or cause a lot of concern.

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    It never hurts for employees to run through the drills. You would like to know what they WILL be doing in an emergency; not what they THINK they should be doing in a drill.
    I agree that drills for most people to run are/would be disruptive. At one of are locations I estimate 400 employees.
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