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The IAPSC Annual Conference is the largest and most exclusive gathering of top security consultants. This year’s conference offers a wide range of topics focused on Security Consulting and Business Profitability, as well as, Technical, Forensic, and IT Security. Presenters will discuss security standards, best practices, risk management, promotional uses of media, including webinar development, marketing and communications techniques for consultants, retirement and selling your business, as well as technical and forensic security focused sessions.

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The International Association of Professional Security Consultants, Inc. (IAPSC) is the most respected and widely recognized consulting association in the security industry. Its rigid membership requirements ensure that potential clients may select from the most elite group of professional, ethical, and competent security consultants available.

The primary purpose of the IAPSC is to establish and maintain the highest set of standards for professionalism and ethical conduct in the industry. Our members are independent of affiliation with any product or service they may recommend in the course of an engagement, thus ensuring that the services they render are in the best interests of the client. Prospective members can be confident that membership in the organization will enhance their professional image and respect in the field.

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