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"Safe by Design" for schools

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  • "Safe by Design" for schools

    For those looking for new opportunities or angles, I think the "safe by design" concept is tailor made for schools. Without getting into the gun control debate, it simply is not feasible for every school in this country to have an armed (or even an unarmed) guard.

    The problem with schools, like malls, is they are not designed to be fortresses - they are designed to provide easy access and allow the flow of large groups of people from one area to another.

    Safe by design has been around a while, and has been discussed on this forum. Corporations use the concept to provide natural and low-tech barriers to control access without looking like a prison. I think future schools and those in high risk areas are going to have to tighten access control, improve lock-down procedures and possibly incorporate "panic rooms" for certain areas of campus.

    If you know any architects or architecture students, I'd have them seriously think about this. I see it as a pretty certain trend for the future.

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    When an architect designs a building he/she has a lot of help.
    He would typically (on a large a school) be aided by electrical, mechanical and structural
    engineers (and vendors) .
    I think the concept involved in some (as you call it "safe by design") might be foreign to some architects. Unless
    you provided them with the EXACT design concept I don't think the results would be favorable. So what
    should be done is the city, county or school district hiring the architect should first sit down with the
    architect and tell him exactly what is needed as far as the concept. Now this is where the advice of
    security type people comes into play. I'm not sure an architect would even normally be able to incorporate
    something like a CPTED program as part of their design.
    This could be and opportunity for security companies to "hook-up" with the designers of institutions.