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Starting a security company in California

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  • Starting a security company in California

    Hello everyone,

    I plan on starting a security company in California from out of state, does anyone have prior experience that they would like to share?

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    You have starting a great job but can you clear me that will you going to sell security cameras or different type of security like security guards and etc.


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      Start there.


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        I was one of the partner of the security company here in my locality. The necessity of these are increasing day to day. The security services are very important now a days. These security services are very necessary for the protection of people or things or any others, simply we can define them as the security providers for living and non living things. They are very important now a days especially in cities where the robberies and other mischief's are more and the people need security. I would like to appreciate for stepping this field with such a nice decision.

        private security guard
        security guard for hire


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          Hey George, you need to tighten up you're company web site, private security guard / security guard for hire.

          Not trying to be disrespectful, but you have a misspelled word on you're company site and it's glaring..

          just trying to give you some situation awareness and attention to detail. Carry on..

          Pop Pop - It reminds me of an old statement by my Master Sergeant. "A Good Run is better then a Bad Stand".

          Sec Trainer- Pop Pop: Hope you don't mind if I quote your Master Sergeant. He was a very smart man.

          Pop Pop- Yes Sir, Thank you Senior Instructor Sec Trainer, hope you don't mind if I place your quote into my Signature?

          Sec Trainer- Permission granted, recruit. Now, police the company area!

          flat out cool..


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            I had gone through the post. There are many institutions providing the best service regarding the task of protection. I had experienced with one of these companies among them which stood at the top position in my locality. The Protective shield security is the institution which is providing the best service in case of protection. Now My family shifted to California and was seeking for the job which suits my earlier. Could any one please produce some attachment links regarding my request? Thanks in advance.

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            security guard los angeles


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              How much would you take in your staff and what will be your product ranges?

              security systems miami


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                I notice you are located in Florida. Why are you planning to start a security company in California? Are you moving there?
                Richard Dickinson
                Dickinson Security Management Group, LLC
                DSMG Provides a Variety of Software Products and Consulting Services to the Contract Security Industry


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                  You should define your business scope before start

                  Originally posted by SecurityGuy View Post
                  Hello everyone,

                  I plan on starting a security company in California from out of state, does anyone have prior experience that they would like to share?
                  How were things going on now? Hope everything goes well with your business. Well, it is a bit late to see your thread. But still want to say something here and maybe can be useful for other readers.
                  I think firstly you should define your business scope. Security company business includes sell security device, install security equipment, and monitor it. And it can be for business project or home project. For installer, you need the license for it.

                  Well, it is not easy to start a business. But do your best to get success. Good Luck!
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                    Hey SecurityGuy,
                    I own and operate a security type company here in WPB and I have customers all over the US. What type of advice do you need? I have several customers in Long Beach and Los Angeles.
                    Is it me or does everyone repling to this thread have bad grammer, so bad that their posts almost make no sense.


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                      If you're talking about "vedard" they are from China.
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                        I have to keep in mind that some members are from abroad. Its a good thing to hear how other people do business in places other than the U.S.